Santa Cruz, California

Welcome to my world. I work as a technical writer for Lampert Technical Communications, and as a web developer for Fireteam Consulting.

My wife Angela and I play in Kuzanga Marimba. Kuzanga performs Zimbabwean marimba music at festivals, parties, weddings and other celebratory occasions around the Santa Cruz area. I also teach Zimbabwean marimba classes.

Our photo gallery has lots of pictures of our recent adventures and Kuzanga performances.

So far, the Iraq war has cost American taxpayers $120,000,000,000 [info...], and at least Iraqi civilians have been killed [info...].

Thanks for stopping by.

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Web Development

Marimba Classes


In the Web Development area, I present some of my web work. I hope to reach other web authors and potential clients, employers and colleagues. The Marimba Classes area provides info to my current and potential marimba students. Other players of Zimbabwean marimba music may also be interested. In the Family area, I share just a bit of my personal life, beyond work and music.